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Brief Introduction of Exchange in 2011
Author:熊国阳  Source:自创  Published:2013-05-10  Clicks:4748

(1) Teachers and Students from Huizhen Academy Went to Hong Kong Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School for Study and Exchange

From June 30th to July 6th, led by Teacher Dong Jingchen and Teacher Huang Yanhua, 12 students from fourth and fifth grades in primary school went to Hong Kong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School for study and exchange activities.

      On the day arriving in Hong Kong, thanks to Hong Kong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School’s delicate arrangement, 12 students from Huizhen Delegation started to play the preliminary game with 12 counter-students in activity room. Via one hour contact, children from two places had become close friends.  

Look, children from two schools were carefully doing the warm-up activity, gradually strengthening the friendship and understanding between each other.


      During the following six days, 24 children from these two schools of two places created a distinctive cultural exchange class. Hong Kong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School had not only opened Sciences, Chinese, English, Computer, P.E., Campus-Oriented and other various courses, but also arranged everyone to visit the Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui, Science Museum, HK Peak and many representative scenic spots.  

Our school’s students were having the Sciences Class.


 (2) On Jan 24th about 11:00 a.m., 14 students and teachers from Huizhen Academy arrived in Hong Kong International Airport by airplane. After customs clearance, we had got on the school bus with two teachers from Li Po Chun to go to Li Po Chun United World College. During the next seven days, we would live there and communicate with students and teachers there.

      Firstly came to LPC, this school left us the impression of extreme tidiness. With one third of local students, this school also enjoyed worldwide students coming from different continents and different countries. Although these students had different first languages, they used English to communicate with each other except Chinese Class in LPC. Since students from all corners of the world were extraordinarily interested in learning Chinese, one of our students’ tasks in LPC was teaching Chinese for them. Though with diverse skin colors, diverse nationalities, diverse hometowns, as well as diverse national cultures, students still shared one common character of being amiable, polite and friendly.  

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